Spring Beekeeping Workshop

Spring Beekeeping Workshop
Demonstration Hive

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Permaculture for Professionals


Permaculture For Professionals

18 April 2013, 10-4pm

This program is co-sponsored by The Center for Sustainable Living, Bethlehem, CT. and The New Morning Natural Food Store, Woodbury, CT.  and will be held at the New Morning.
Registration deadline is 15 April 2013.  Please visit www.connsoil.com for a registration form.

This training is for professional Planners, Architects, Engineers and Landscape Architects who want to understand and incorporate the principles and techniques of Permaculture Design into their practice. Permaculture is an interdisciplinary design system that mimics principles of ecology to meet human needs while increasing the health of the ecosystem.

In this training participants will gain knowledge in the following outcomes:

  • Understand permaculture history, ethics, principles and language
  • Identify connections between social, cultural, environmental, and political challenges
  • Recognize and analyze patterns found in society and the natural world
  • Apply whole systems thinking to problem solving through design
  • Observe, analyze, and assess a site to determine its resources and constraints
  • Gain knowledge of a whole systems design process
  • Learn techniques for clean water, soil, food production, buildings, and economics

Most importantly we will work together to find leverage points to incorporate this into the work that you are already doing.

Workshop Leaders:

Lisa DePiano is a certified permaculture designer/ teacher and professional planner. She initiated Feed Northampton, one of the first Food Security Plans in the country. She runs the Mobile Design Lab, which focuses on participatory design and planning.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Identifying, Understanding and Using Edible and Medicinal Plants

Identifying, Understanding and Using Edible and Medicinal Plants

Join herbalist, Alison Birks, MS, AHG, CNS, at the Center for Sustainable Living, for a hands-on introduction to many useful plants of Connecticut. Learn about edible and medicinal plants in your garden and surroundings!Class will cover basic herbal knowledge such as herb lore, identification, harvesting and traditional uses.
This class also includes a demonstration of the Simpler's Method of preparing medicinal plant extracts.

Bring a notebook with you and wear comfortable, sturdy shoes. This class will be held "rain or shine" so please come prepared for the outdoors.

Fee: $35.00         


Registration Deadline: 9 May 2013.  For a Registration Form please visit www.connsoil.com